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Self-Taught Horse-Whisperer Reveals Horse Body Language Secrets That Give You INSTANT Control ...And Affection

From *ANY* Horse You Meet...

You're About To Learn These Amazing Horseback Riding Lessons:


        How to INSTANTLY relax a horse by using the sound of your voice...  your friends will be amazed and wonder where you took horse lessons! ...there's a certain way of doing it, but its not what you think it is...You're voice is important in this horse back riding Information.  

        A little known trick I use to approach a horse and gain its affection instantly...  

        Horse Body Language Secrets --that will tell you EXACTLY what your horse is feeling and thinking so you know how to react in the appropriate way... PLUS!  How To Make A Horse Instantly Calm And Friendly In Your Presence ... by using my simple yet highly powerful Horse Whisperer method... its almost hypnotism.  

        How To Tell How A Horse Is Feeling... by simply hearing its vocals... very fascinating stuff!   

        Horse Grooming Secrets! How to give your horse that natural beautiful shine that pampered show-horses have... PLUS! Quick and Easy Horse Hygiene ...everything you need to know to keep your horse clean and healthy for better horse back riding .

        Everything You Need To Know About Horseback Riding Lessons ...without having to pay for the very expensive horse lessons from one of the local horseback riding schools!  

        TOTAL CONTROL ...How to Start, Stop and Turn a Horse with COMPLETE control overnight! ...Ill show you a neat little balance trick that will make it effortless!   

        Horse Whisperers Secret... how to approach ANY horse in a way that will make them friendly right away...   

        and much, much more!

  • Some horseback riding schools don't offer near as much horseback riding lessons information up front!


I've Spent My Whole Life Around Horses...

Hey there! My name is Carly Thompson.

Lets just say I am a little obsessed with horses... they are my deepest passion!

Ive spent my WHOLE LIFE learning how to effective communicate and control horses... to the point where...

I Can Walk Up To A Horse Ive Never Met Before And Have It Under My Control and Showing Plenty of Affection, Almost Instantly.


If you can spare me a few minutes I want to share some horseback riding lessons information...

Id LOVE to show you just a few of the very FASCINATING things I've discovered from simply observing and interacting with horses in their own natural habitat.

I guarantee you will be amazed at what you will learn!


You're About To Learn Secrets That 99% Of Horse Riders Will Never Know About...


You will understand how to handle and communicate with horses on a COMPLETELY different level.

People will be shocked when you walk up to a horse and are able to create an instant and powerful bond with it right away...

You will be asked if you went to one of the local horse back riding information schools to get this kind ofhorseback riding lessons...

You will learn how to read subtle body language cues that horses give off... so you know EXACTLY what a horse is thinking and what its trying to say...

You will learn how to instantly relax a horse by using the sound of your voice... and much more!

But first...

The real secret...


I Used To Know NOTHING About Horses!


I mean sure, I had grown up around horses ALL my life... but I didn't really know much about them... other than basic riding and caring...Had never attended any fancy horse back riding schools or taken "official" horse lessons.

That all changed one day -- when I realized something quite profound...

I was in the barn with one of the horses and tightened his girth a little too quickly...

I noticed that his ears pricked up when I did this.

The next day, I accidentally did that same thing... his ears pricked up again!

Whilst it may sound small now... to me it was a HUGE realization!



I Could Tell Exactly How A Horse Was Feeling By Simply Reading Its Own Body Language.


I was ABSOLUTELY fascinated with the possibilities of understanding this...

So much so... that I became obsessed with understanding horses and their body language... even their vocalizations (the subtle noises they make that can reveal how they are really feeling)...

I spent HOURS each day just watching horses and interacting with them... reading their body language... listening to the sounds they made... and trying to gauge how they were feeling...

I did this for a 6 MONTHS!



I Didn't Realize How Good I Had Gotten Until One Day...

I had taken my horse to a local horse show with a few of my horse back riding friends...

There was a horse that was acting up.

It was squealing and snorting heavily, tossing side to side frantically... people were crowding it... they didn't seem to know what to do...

I tried to push everyone aside and quiet them down...

I then slowly walked towards the horse by its side... and using a low, smooth and quiet voice I said slowly ease up... ease up

Then I took my hand and started slowly rubbing its withers.

The horse calmed itself immediately. And nickered softly. (showing comfort)

People were quite captivated. Everyone was silent.

How on earth did you do that!? One man exclaimed quite suddenly.

My friends were very surprised too... they wanted to know my secret...

(back to the story in a sec, but first...)


Its NOT Your Fault!

Its not your fault that you are not as confident, capable or knowledgeable as you want to be with horses right now!

You just haven't had the right horseback riding lessons.

That's about to change.

You're about to become a Horse Whisperer of sorts ...

Have you ever been trying to learn something... and had real trouble understanding it?

And then someone says something or explains it in a different way... ALL OF THE SUDDEN... you understand EXACTLY what its about! You just get it. You're almost kicking yourself because it seems so simple to understand... why didn't you see it before?

That's what its going to be like when I teach you what I know about horses. You will be blown away by my horseback riding lessons. 

Here are just a few people I've helped in the past with my horse lessons:

"Everything I Need To Know"

I have a vacation planned and want to go horseback riding buthorse lessons testimony image didn't know a thing about it. This book has given me everything I need to know and some outstanding information on what to look for.

Thank you.

Samantha, New Horse Lover

Indiana, US

"Best Money I Ever Spent"

horsebackI have to admit that when I saw the price of your book I was surprised compared to a regular book at the bookstore.  Once I read it through though, I realized that this is very specialized information that you just can't get anywhere else.

This book is easily some of the best money I have ever spent!"

Mark Blanc

Tamworth, Australia


"My Fear of Horses Has Greatly Diminished"

I've never been much of a horse lover, in fact, I have alwayshorseback riding information image been a little intimidated by them. However, I had to go horseback riding as part of a work retreat so I bought your ebook. I am definitely considering a new past-time now! After reading your guide my fear of horses has greatly diminished and my first ride was awesome. Well worth the money. Thanks.

Victoria Frank

Cardiff, UK


"Taught Me Some Things I Didn't Know"

Since Ive been around horses all my life, I always thought that I knew a lot about horses and riding them with ease but this book even taught me some things that I didnt know. Thanks for all the great information and I will definitely recommend your book!

Dave Dawe

Brampton, ONT




Back to the story...

Like I said... my friends were amazed with how I handled that horse with such calm and complete control. So was everyone else.

My friends and I returned to our horses... and they begged for me to tell them how I did what I did...They wanted to know where I took horse lessons. 

So I told them about my little horse back riding information obsession...

Well for the past 6 months now I've been spending a lot of time with horses... Its almost like Ive been learning a secret language...I think Ive found a few things out that are quite remarkable...

They were absolutely fascinated. Their eyes-- glued to me.

If you want... Ill teach you what I know...sound good?

They were keen to hear...



Sharing my secrets...

The next three weeks we would meet up almost every couple days... I would show them what I had learned from simply observing. It was like I setup my own little horse back riding schools....Only better!

We spent hours together, just watching and interacting with our horses.

Slowly... but surely... I taught them EVERYTHING I knew.

It was a really great experience.

Before I knew it...

They were able to handle horses the same way I did!

They could meet new horses... and gain affection and control from them instantly. They formed very strong connections with their own horses. They could do everything I could!

They were raving about the horse back riding information I had taught them.

YOU SHOULD WRITE A BOOK ABOUT THIS! Demi, one of my closest friends said, with great enthusiasm.

It seemed like a grand idea...

So I did.


The Beginners Guide To Horseback Riding...

Horseback Riding Lessons,Horse Lessons,Horse back Riding

Not only am I going to show you everything I know about powerful communication with horses through observing their body language...

I am going to share with you EVERYTHING I know about Horses and Horse riding...

And trust me when I say this... you WILL NOT find a better source of horseback riding lessons ANYWHERE.

Take it from someone who has read and studied EVERYTHING ever made when it comes to horses and horse riding!

What you will learn here, you won't even get from one of those fancy horseback riding schools that charge you a fortune!


Here's an exclusive sneak-peek of what YOU'LL learn from my Horse Lessons:


Horseback Riding Schools,Horse Lessons,Horseback Riding InformationHow to INSTANTLY relax a horse by using the sound of your voice...  your friends will be amazed! ...there's a certain way of doing it, but its not what you think it is... pg 14.

WARNING: YOU SHOULD STOP RIDING IMMEDIATELY  ...if you notice your horse doing THIS -pg. 20

Horse Body Language Secrets --that will tell you EXACTLY what your horse is feeling and thinking so you know how to react in the appropriate way... PLUS!  How To Make A Horse Instantly Calm And Friendly In Your Presence ... by using my simple yet highly powerful Horse Whisperer method... its almost hypnotism. Pg. 17-20

How to approach a horse safely... pg. 13

The Simple Freeze Test that will tell you when your horse is about to bolt ...PLUS! What to do to keep you and your horse safe in a situation like 20

What you should NEVER wear when horse back riding. pg. 24

Horse Grooming Secrets! How to give your horse that natural beautiful shine that professional, pampered show-horses have... PLUS!  Quick and Easy Horse Hygiene ...everything you need to know to keep your horse clean and healthy for ultimate horse back riding.

How to Trot and Canter like a pro...your friends will be shocked! pg. 46-47

3 DEADLY MISTAKES MOST beginners make ...when they are first around a horse PLUS! What to NEVER do when you meet a NEW horse! pg. 12-15

See How A Horse Is Feeling... by simply hearing its vocals... very fascinating stuff! Pg. 20.

How to Start, Stop and Turn a Horse with COMPLETE control overnight! ...Ill show you a neat little balance trick that will make it effortless! pg. 42-45

Are You Sometimes Afraid Or Uncomfortable Around Horses? ...learn these three dead obvious Tell-Tale signs --so you always know how a horse is feeling ...become confident OVERNIGHT! pg. 18

Horse Whisperers Secret... How to approach a horse in a way that will make them friendly right away... pg 14.

YOU MIGHT BE IN DANGER... when you see a horse do this you need to either calm him or get off safely straight away... Ill tell you which to do, according to the situation! Pg. 17

How To Prevent Your Horse From Breaking Their Neck... (this happens a lot more than you think...) PLUS! My little-known quick-release knot that will keep your horse restrained but allow you to free it quickly if it starts to panic... (if you're not using this kind of knot, your horse could face serious injury) pg. 27

The ideal distance you should keep between two horses to ride safely... dont follow this and you might cause your horse unnecessary stress and panic... pg. 17

The BEST posture you can have while riding a horse for MAXIMUM COMFORT and control (and the horse will be comfortable too!) ... it will make riding 250% easier! ...not 200% -- not 300% ... but 250% as you'll see...

When A Horse Moves It Tail Higher It Means It Is Excited, RIGHT? ...WRONG! There is some truth to this, but the fact is ...sometimes it means something COMPLETELY different fact it could put you and you horse in danger if you don't find out what else it 20.

FIRST-TIME RIDER?  Everything you NEED to know before you get on the horse! Use this as a guideline and you'll have a perfect first time! Pg. 22-26

If you see this... take your horse to the vet at once! HINT: Its all to do with your horses ears... pg. 19

Chafing? Hey, it happens. Here's a very handy tip to avoid extremely painful chafing... all you have to do is wear this... pg. 24

The CORRECT Way To Lead A Horse... most beginners make many fundamental mistakes that will confuse your horse or teach them bad habits... learn to lead the RIGHT way... pg. 25-26.

The Fastest and Easiest Way To Make Sure Youre 100% Safe Before You Ride... all it takes is 5 quick-check steps... pg. 32-35

How to get a horse to obey your every command... pg. 25-26

Never mount a horse inside a barn... here's why... pg. 36.

The FIRST thing you should do before you even THINK of mounting your horse... pg. 37

The Single BIGGEST mistake beginner riders make... and youll probably do it unless you read this!... pg 42.

WHAT IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG? ... Quick-To-React Emergency Tactics that will make sure you and your horse stay safe if things get ugly... pg. 48-49

 THE TRUTH ABOUT HORSE BACK RIDING SCHOOLS... what they are doing wrong and what they are doing right... PLUS! to find a horse back riding school that's perfect for you! pg. 55-57

How to get a horse to stop instantly...  pg. 44


As you can see... what you will learn in my book is not just important and valuable horseback riding lessons... but... its actually APPLICABLE... everything you learn in my book... YOU CAN USE!

Thats simply not the case with most other books...


What Makes My Book

Different From The Rest?


1.    Focuses on actual Horse Body Language and Communication!

Lets face it... THIS is what you really want to know... you want to learn to communicate and control ANY horse you come across by simply reading little known cues a horse will show through its body language and certain sounds it makes... this is what you will learn in MY book... and its what sets my book apart from EVERYONE elses horse lessons.

2.    Easy To Understand and Use

Unlike most other books you will find on the market... that are written as if you were reading a science thesis... mine is written in a very clear and concise manner... you will find that everything is set out in an easy to read format, with pictures and diagrams to help you understand exactly what I am trying to get across...Horse back riding information schools are jealous!

3.    Information You Wont Find Anywhere Else!

EVERY other book you see on the market either online or offline at the bookstore from one of the horseback riding schools ONLY really talks about riding, techniques and looking after your horse... while my book still talks about this kind of stuff... it takes it a step further so you can learn what you REALLY want to know... which is how to effectively communicate with your horse and take complete control of it with ease... you'll learn Body Language secrets that will help you understand horses on a whole different level from any other book you will find online or get from any of the horse back riding information schools!

4.    Plenty of Detail So You Don't Miss A Thing.

I've read a lot of books about Horses and horse riding... and when I mean a lot... I mean virtually ANYTHING I can get my hands on that contained horse back riding information... HUNDREDS... From the internet, from my local bookstore, the library, from one of my local horse back riding thing I often find is that Ill be getting quite interested in something... and then they just move onto the next topic... without giving me all the horseback riding lessons I need... I wrote this book with PLENTY of horse lessons details but also with balance so it wouldnt be like reading some sort of boring math textbook... its packed full of fully explained horseback riding lessons but still short enough for you to digest easily... I know you dont want to read an 800 page encyclopaedia on horses! ...mine is a balanced 60 pages long!


Lets Wrap It Up!


The things you will learn in my horse lessons book will stay with you for a lifetime...

And I can say with 100% honesty that...


You WILL NOT Find A Better Book On The Subject Of Horse Back Riding And Learning How To Properly Communicate With Horses!


Not online, in any bookstore or from one of the local horse back riding information schools.

Remember... I am a little obsessed with horses... I read EVERYTHING I can get my hands on, books, magazines, articles... EVERYTHING...

I know horses. And that's why I am so darn confident that...

This is the single greatest horseback riding lessons resource you will find on this subject!


So Carly... How Do I Get My

Hands On This AMAZING Book!?


And how much is it going to cost?

Good question!

This book has been made EXCLUSIVELY for the internet... which means you wont find it ANYWHERE ELSE...

It also means it comes in a DIGITAL format... I chose this for a few reasons...


You are able to get it INSTANTLY (even if its 3am in the morning!)


You Get A Massive Discount!

Here's why...

If I were to turn this into an actual horse lessons physical product it would cost me... A LOT of money!

To make up for this cost I would have to put the prices of my book up drastically... like that of the ones you find from horse back riding schools...thankfully I decided NOT to go with that route (well not yet... more on that in a sec!)... which means you are going to save a lot of money.

Usually it would cost you AT LEAST $35 for one measly horseback riding lesson (usually 30 minutes to an hour long), in which you might only learn a few small things...

In fact I know of some instructors at the horse back riding schools that charge upwards of $80-$120 an hour for horseback riding lessons!

Thankfully... you wont even have to pay HALF of that to get my COMPLETE book or horse lessons!


You Can Get It Today For...  Just $29.99

(approx. 23.00 GBP / 39.00 CAD / 26.00 EUR)



IMPORTANT NOTE: Right now I am considering making this book into a full blown horse lessons home-study course... I am in talks with a publishing company right now... and this deal could happen within the next 30-60 days...  

When I release my horseback riding information home study course (which will have the same information that you will find in my horse lessons book) ...I will be taking this book completely off the internet!  

The home-study course will probably cost somewhere between $147-$247...   

This is just a warning.  

Plus... if you're still a little hesitant to order this horseback riding lessons information...


100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I am so confident that you will be absolutely THRILLED with my horse lessons book...

I want to make sure that if you dont absolutely LOVE my book you will get EVERY cent of your money back!

Buy my book The Beginners Guide To Horseback Riding ...You have 8 weeks to try it out and see if its right for you!

If you don't like it for ANY reason at all... simply let me know and I will give you a COMPLETE and full refund...

Not only that, but I will let you KEEP the book and ALL of the bonuses!

Its just my way of saying Hey, thanks for trying anyways!

Sound fair?


CLICK HERE TO INVEST IN The Beginners Guide To Horseback Riding NOW!


--Carly Thompson



Order TODAY and Receive This

 Helpful Bonus... ABSOLUTELY FREE!


One of the major problems people face with horses... is actually being able to AFFORD one! ...

That's why Ive created quite a large list of places in the U.S. where you can quite literally find horses for FREE or at least very cheap...

How is this possible you ask?

Well a lot of these places are Non-Profit organizations that focus on rescuing and rehabilitating horses that have been abused or not had a good life in the past...It is where some of the horseback riding schools get their horses. 

You WONT find this list any place else... and MOST of the organizations I list are not widely publicized at all... so let me tell you... for the amount of money you could save, as well as helping out a horse that hasn't had a good life... this list is WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD.

I am also going to give you FOUR other bonuses... completely free!

I dont want to say much about them right now, but I know you'll love them because they are chalked full of horseback riding lessons information!



This could be YOU...

Picture yourself ...walking up to a horse you've never met before... gaining affection and a very strong bond with it almost immediately...

Imagine yourself being able to read EXACTLY what a horse is saying through its body language...

Words cannot describe how wonderful it feels when you first learn and DO this...

People will be amazed with your new found talent! They will think you took your horse lessons from one of the local horse back riding information schools.

If you BUY my book The Beginners Guide To Horseback Riding  I promise you...

The time you spend with horses will be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT...

People will be shocked at how well you understand and connect with horses...

You will be in complete and total control every time you ride your horse...


If you really want to understand and communicate with horses on a completely different level... you know what the right choice to make here is...


Click Here To Invest in The Beginners Guide To Horseback Riding!


Thanks for your time and good luck!

Carly Thompson

P.S. Remember, I will be converting this horse lessons book into a home-study course that will cost about $147-$247... when that happens I will be taking this guide off the internet for good!

P.P.S. There is absolutely NO risk on you! ...remember... you have 8 weeks to try out my horseback riding information book... and if you don't like it for any reason at all, I will give you a full and complete refund... Ill even let you keep the book and bonuses as a gift for at least trying it out... No questions asked! Lets see that deal offered by one of the horse back riding schools in your area!

Please Note: This is a downloadable e-book program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. You will receive access to bonuses on the Thank You page. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.


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Please don't forget that that you have landed on the greatest single resource for horseback riding lessons available today. Clear and consice horse lessons that you won't even get from some of the horse back riding information schools in your area. Order now and start your horseback riding  lessons journey immediately!